Medical Imaging At Global Diagnostics
ISO 9001 & ISO 27001

Global Diagnostics has been
certified by BSI to
ISO 27001 and ISO 9001
under certificate numbers
IS 571793 and FS 541391

Our Radiologists

Our Consultant Radiologist Team:

Radiologist Speciality
Mary Jane Bennie Female Pelvis/Abdo
John Cahir MSK MRI and Plain film Reporting only
John Curtin Spine/Abdo/General MRI/CT Reporting
Richard Goodwin U/S MSK only and MRI MSK reporting
Paul Malcolm Spine/Brain/Gynae MRI Reporting
Tom Marshall All MSK MRI and US
Jan Saada Brain MRI/CT Reporting
Andoni Toms MSK US and MRI
Stuart Williams Spine/Brain MRI and CT reporting
Paddy Wilson Vascular US
Arne Juette MSK MRI/US/Plain Film and reporting and US Hernia
Ray Rahamann MSK MRI/US/Plain Film and reporting
David Silver MSK MRI/Plain Film reporting
Phillip Yoong MSK MRI
Amrita Bajaj CT/MRI/US/General,Chest/Plain Film reporting
Iswar Ramachandran MSK Radiologist
Jonathan Ellis Consultant Radiologist
Khalid Enver Consultant Radiologist
Neil Graham Consultant Radiologist
Charles Hardingham Consultant Radiologist
Stylianos Papaioannou Consultant Radiologist
Jey Singanayagam Consultant Radiologist
Harp Lyall Consultant Radiologist
Osama Ezawawa Consultant Radiologist
Scott McDonald Consultant Radiologist
David Newman General Ultrasound

Our Consultant Rheumatologist Team:

Rheumatologist Speciality
Tarnya Marshall Consultant Rheumatologist
Joegi Thomas Consultant Rheumatologist
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